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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of vinyl do you use?

A: I only use High Performance Avery vinyl that has a 8+ year shelf life. The speciality vinyls, such as the metallic silver, carbon fiber, and chrome have a slightly shorter life span of between 3-7 years. The shelf life means how long it will last out in the sun and weather elements. The reason for my slightly higher, but still very competitive prices is due to the quality of vinyl that I use.

Q: How much is shipping? How much is international shipping?

A: All prices include shipping. If shipping is required internationally, when placing your order please specify your location and I will set the price.

Q: How do I apply the decals?

A: (Application Instructions)

Q: Will the caliper stickers melt or burn off?

A: NO!!! They are made with the high performance high heat resistant vinyl that has a longer shelf life than typical vinyl. The greater the heat the greater the bond between the caliper and the sticker.

Q: How long will the caliper stickers last?

A: Jason from JVD Graphics has had his on for over 4 years through New England winters, power washing, rain, sleet, all of the harsh weather elements, and they still look perfect. If they are kept in nice shape and the paint on the caliper doesnt end up chipping off and taking the stickers with them, they should last their full shelf life. And for only a few bucks, its got to be the cheapest yet most noticeable modification around.

Q: Are the caliper stickers for the whole caliper?

A: No, this is JUST the lettering of the caliper. This is just the lettering of the caliper. let me repeat, THIS IS JUST THE LETTERING OF THE CALIPER! You first paint the caliper, which I recommend G2 caliper paint (which you can find in my products section), and then you put the sticker on.

Q: Will these stickers even get noticed?

A: The caliper sticker is an awesome show piece and you will have people from day one and on ask you how you did that to your calipers and where to buy them from. Trust me, I have had them on for over four years and every show I go to I am asked or when peolpe stare at my aftermarket wheels they compliment me on my calipers and caliper stickers.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: Email (jvdgraphics@gmail.com) or AIM (JVD Graphics)

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