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Solution Graphics

03DMeclipse - (Club3G.com)
Last week, I was looking through the site (Club3G.com) for where I could buy eyelids vinyl. I came across JVD Graphics. I emailed him about the color match for my car. Not only did he help me pick out the correct color, he even took the time to look at my cardomain page to help pick the color. That was the first time that someone (vendor, etc) has taken the time look at my car to help me out with the selection. That right there told me that he cares about his customers. I sent the money over the weekend, (saturday) and was not received until wednesday. I couldnt believe that he sent out the decals the next day and they were here on saturday. I couldnt pick them up until monday cuz the post office was closed. EXTREMELY FAST SHIPPING.

Sorry to go on and on but this has been my first time buying from the forum (Club3G.com) and it was a great experience. I would def. buy from him again and recommend others to do so as well! I wish all buying experiences were like this.
90everydirect - (Club3G.com)
JVD Graphics makes excellent high-quality products, and gets them out to you very quickly.
I just ordered brake caliper vinyls and mirror vinyls (to replace the "objects are loosing" ones that I ordered elsewhere) and received them with in 3 maybe 4 days of ordering them...nothing like ordering and getting something before the weekend.  I've also previously ordered chrome bumper inserts which helped detail my car just that much more.

JVD Graphics/ Jason = :thumbsup:
krispy03 - (Club3G.com)
i give him two thumbs WAAAAYYYY up!
RedGalant2001 - (TheGalantCenter)
Saying you 'try' to provide the best customer service (IMO) is an understatement, out of all the boards I've been on, and all the purchases I've done online for car related products I'd say you are far and away the BEST vendor I've dealt with. The most prompt, the most responsive, the most eager to delve into new business, and give auto enthusiasts a perfect first addition, or finishing touch to there rides.

Keep up the good work!!

Everyone here should know they can be confident to have a great product provided from Jason and JVD Graphics.

Razorshark - (Club3G)
Hey Jason...I got your caliper stickers for my GT, front and back, months ago and they still look great! Great product, fast service and a fair price...perfect combination. Thanks for supporting the 3G community!


KraZyEd - (Club3G)
hey.i ordered like 3 or 4 days ago and already recieved them..fast shipping..Havent had a chance to put them on but i know that they are going to look good!!..Thanx for the quick shipping!!
DSPNLM - (Club3G)
I recieved mine today. Ordered them 3 days ago. Very fast response and shipping.


Jackie - (Club3G)
I just got my silver caliper stickers, and I have to say Jason did a really really good job with this, they look great!
SazSquach - (Club3G)

I just put mine (caliper stickers) on today too.. I love em.. They look soo good.. Thankx!

Rummy - (Club3G)

M2kEclipseRS is an awesome fellow 3Ger. I got my caliper stickers from this guy. He's been nothing but nice, once a day, he'd IM me or send me an email with the progress of the order. He was plesant to deal with and I think everybody should buy from him :D Thanks man.

Kyperion - (Club3G)

I have done some mods to my car, but without a doubt the things that people notice first and comment on are the calipers stickers.

Doesn't matter that they do nothing for performance, people just think that the look cool.

66Stingray427 - (Club3G)

Yep they are hot. Everybody loves them and you can't beat the price, no other mod this cheap will get you the attention that painted calipers and caliper stickers do :D

Fooch - (Club3G)

Damn right.:D I love these things. took a long time to paint it right but well worth the effort and get compliments all the time.

Chazzg - (My350Z.com)

Mine (calipers) have been painted for About a year. No probs at all. I also have one of the first sets of The JVD caliper stickers. They hold up Very well, and look great.


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